自Web3.0时代开幕以来,众多资本布局新一代社交平台生态,其中涌现了众多现象级产品,而在其中,HOTTOK,全球首个集GameFi、SocialFi、AI 、NFT和DAO为一体的社交聊天平台以其独特优势迅速在海内外火爆传播,得到众多知名社区的青睐。

今天,链安财经有幸邀请到hottok的首席执行官Sebastian Hamilton为我们带来关于揭秘新一代AI+social平台HOTTOK为何爆火出圈的主题分享!
问答环节主持人: HOTTOK在这么短的时候便火爆出圈,可以为我们具体介绍下HOTTOK吗?

HOTTOK has become popular in a very short time. Can you give us a detailed introduction to HOTTOK?

Sebastian Hamilton:没问题,HOTTOK是一个基于区块链技术的社交平台,它的名字来源于韩国的一种甜味煎饼,寓意着甜蜜和温暖。HOTTOK的目标是打造一个去中心化、自由、开放、多元的社交网络,让用户可以在平台上分享自己的生活、兴趣、观点等,并通过代币激励机制获得收益。HOTTOK也支持用户创建自己的社区和内容,实现自我表达和价值实现。

Sure, HOTTOK is a social platform based on blockchain. The name comes from a sweet pancake in Korea, signifying sweetness and warmth. Our goal at HOTTOK is to build a decentralized, free, open, and diverse social network where users can share their lives, interests, and views, and be incentivized through a token reward system. HOTTOK also allows users to create their own communities and content, expressing themselves and realizing their value.


Could you introduce the team behind HOTTOK and their backgrounds?

Sebastian Hamilton:首先介绍下我们的CEO:Arthur Windsor

Arthur Windsor是Pixowl和hottok的联合创始人和首席执行官。他曾经是Animoca Brands的董事会成员和资深社交游戏企业家。Arthur成功出售了两家软件公司Windsor Inc.和ClickTech Media,并为游戏、社交媒体和软件行业的初创企业提供咨询服务。

我是hottok的COO。我个人对区块链技术、游戏和教育很感兴趣,过往推动NFT在不同的游戏中的应用。我现在主要负责hottok的元宇宙开发,在2019年,hottok在Top 50的元宇宙游戏中排名第13。

另外我们的CTO,Lucas Sheffield ,他曾是前Gameloft的首席技术官 ,Lucas 在领导移动游戏工作室方面有超过十年的经验。在英国Gameloft期间,他管理了一个拥有200名员工的工作室。



我们还有VC投资资金会,拥有来自前火币、波场等交易所的投资经理,专研挖掘Web3领域草根黑马项目,目前成功天使轮入资BRC20(Arlstart)\Avive APP、等黑马项目.目前最火的Arlstart项目私募达到403BTC。


Sure, starting with our CEO, Arthur Windsor. Arthur co-founded Pixowl and HOTTOK and served as a board member of Animoca Brands. He's a seasoned social gaming entrepreneur who successfully sold two software companies, Windsor Inc. and ClickTech Media, and offers consultation services to startups in gaming, social media, and software.

As the COO of HOTTOK, I'm passionate about blockchain tech, gaming, and education. I've promoted the use of NFTs in games and am in charge of HOTTOK's metaverse development, which ranked 13th in the Top 50 metaverse games in 2019.

Our CTO, Lucas Sheffield, is the former CTO of Gameloft, managing a team of 200 at Gameloft UK.

Beyond the core team, we have a market team based in Dubai handling the Dogecoin fund invested directly by HOTTOK, with staff from Russia, UK, India, achieving an annual return of 273.66%. Our VC fund has managers from former Huobi, Tron, dedicated to discovering grassroots projects in the Web3 field. So far, they've entered the angel round of BRC20 (Arlstart) and Avive APP, with Arlstart raising 403BTC.

Finally, our HOTMCN incubates social network stars, exposed on HOTTOK, Twitter, YouTube, averaging 600% annual return on investment.


What irreplaceable advantages does HOTTOK have compared to other social platforms?

Sebastian Hamilton:目前HOTTOK有着以下几个方面的优势:







HOTTOK stands out for its decentralization, freedom, openness, diversity, incentivization, and core influence. It's built on blockchain, ensuring data and privacy security.

We respect users' free expression and welcome everyone, without unnecessary restrictions. Users can create their own communities, showcasing their talents and style.

Our token incentive mechanism offers profits for activities like creating rooms and managing parties. Moreover, we empower users with social capital, ensuring complete decentralization.


What are the current functional modules and landing ecology of HOTTOK?

Sebastian Hamilton:目前有以下几个功能模块:




Absolutely! HOTTOK has three key features:

The Community Module: Users can create various types of room parties, such as chat, karaoke, gatherings, voice chats, etc. and manage their content with tags, topics, and categories. Users can also manage the rooms and make decisions through voting.

The Wallet Module: Here, users can manage their accounts and assets, like checking balance, transferring funds, and more. It also supports financial operations like trading, lending, and provides market trends and asset analysis.

The NFT Module: Users can create second-hand income from their minted NFTs, enhancing the HTR token revenue based on the NFT's value and party activity. HTR tokens can be exchanged for HTC tokens within the social platform at the market rate.

主持人: 通证经济是一个代币的核心,请介绍下代币分配情况

Token economics are key to a token. Can you explain the token distribution?

Sebastian Hamilton:HOTTOK的HTC代币总量为10亿枚,我们将会按照以下比例进行分配







40% of our 1 billion HTC tokens are for Chat2Earn, incentivizing user interaction. 10% are for team incentives. We've allocated 25% for private/public sales and IDO to fund our platform's growth. 5% is for foundation reserves, managing future risks. 5% is for strategic partnerships and marketing, and 15% for Dapp's second pledge output.

主持人: HOTTOK消息频频,近期有什么项目大事件呢?

HOTTOK has been in the news a lot. What are the recent significant events?

Sebastian Hamilton:近期有以下几个项目大事件:





Definitely! On June 15th, we went global with media coverage and offline events in New York and Seoul. By June 20th, we partnered with OKX and HKD Exchanges, earning Dogecoin Foundation's support. On June 30th, 3000+ enthusiasts helped close our Dapp beta testing, surging HTT value by 180%! And on July 1st, we partnered with IPFS for user content storage.


How does HOTTOK generate revenue for sustained growth?

Sebastian Hamilton:是的,目前拥有以下板块




We have three main revenue streams.

Advertising: We offer advertisers an effective, transparent platform for targeted marketing, generating ad revenue that we share with users as rewards.

Added-value services: We provide premium features like membership services, stickers, and gift services to enhance user experience.

Platform fees: We offer financial services like trading, collateral, and lending services, charging a fee that we use partly for buying back and burning HTC tokens.


What incentives does HOTTOK offer to new users?

Sebastian Hamilton:对于新用户,HOTTOK有着以下几种激励政策:





For new users, we have several incentives.

Activity rewards: Users earn HTC tokens or NFTs by participating in platform activities and contests.

Party rewards: Joining or creating rooms earns users recognition, resources, and rewards.

Airdrop rewards: Users following our official account or joining our groups stand a chance to receive airdrop rewards.

Dapp rewards: Pioneering Dapp users earn profits from Dogecoin Foundation, VC investment returns, and KOL profits from HOTMCN, with 40%-50% of these earnings given to Dapp participants.








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